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MyMicrobiome is a young and committed team of mostly female scientists and microbiome enthusiasts. The head office is located in Liechtenstein with further subsidiaries in Bavaria / Germany and Norway. Our mission is to spread the knowledge about a healthy, unharmed microbiome and to serve as a decision-making tool for customers and profiling tool for brands. Besides certifying products that impact the human microbiome, our German subsidiary offers microbiome expertise and individual R&D services to companies in the Microbiome business.

MyMicrobiome was founded in 2018, the cornerstone for the certification institute. Only three years later in 2021, the increasing demand for certifications and microbiome expertise resulted in the spin-off MyMicrobiome GmbH in Germany, with its own laboratories. The MyMicrobiome GmbH offers individualized R&D services and consultation.

The team

Dr. Kristin Neumann

Co-founder, CEO, scientific director

“I was always curious about how life works in its tiny details and ended up spending a lot of time in the lab, working with these bacteria and getting a PhD in Microbiology. I always had the idealistic idea of working on something that changes peoples live for the better. So I was really excited when I joined a team that was developing a solution against the pandemic of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
 Working along with the Microbiome topic, I couldn’t resist to dive deeper into this matter because I was concerned about the lack of knowledge that surrounded me. This is why I founded MyMicrobiome and created an education platform together with my partner Tanja. When taking a closer look at the microbiome and it’s function, everything makes so much sense, although we still know so little about it! The close synergy between me and my bacteria is so amazing!”

Tanja Walbrunn


“Until I met Kristin, I knew nothing about bacteria, viruses, fungi and co. Kristin taught me about the exciting world of the human microbiome and together we founded the microbiome education platform MyMicrobiome.info to inspire even the non-scientist about this big topic.
 I have suffered from atopic dermatitis since childhood. I was also not spared from numerous allergies. This makes life quite difficult from time to time. Since I've been studying the microbiome, I've learned many new things that I can use to restore my balance. It's a long process, but I think it will be worth it! And I want to teach this to my world as well, so that we no longer think of our little roommates as enemies, but as friends who are essential to our health.”

Dr. Lisa Bäumer

Laboratory management

“I am fascinated by the wonderful world of microbes and have many years of experience working with pathogenic bacteria. 
My work at MyMicrobiome focuses on the interplay of intestinal bacteria and their sensitivity to dietary supplements and the impact of hygiene products and cosmetics on the microbes on our skin. This exciting work gives me the opportunity to develop freely and to make my contribution to a Microbiome-friendly world.”

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