Bad news

Bad news about the microbiome

10. Dec 2018 / by Lisa Keilhofer
To begin with, scientists knew all along that the life saver antibiotic will not work forever, but only until resistance has developed. Meanwhile, this fact has also sunken into common sense.

29. Nov 2018 / by Lisa Keilhofer

Beginning of October 2018, a team of four US-scientists has released an urgent call to preserve almost lost microbiome diversities.

13. Nov 2018 / by Lisa Keilhofer

In November 2018, the University of Minnesota published a study on the “westernization” and the loss of immigrant’s innate gut microbiomes.

11. Sep 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

An article published by BBC just a few days ago confused the probiotic community. Based on a scientific publication from a group of scientists in Israel (Weizman Institute), BBC used the headline Probiotics labelled 'quite useless'. This statement has to be taken with caution …

29. Aug 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

In 1900 gastric cancerwas the leading cause of cancer death in the USA and other countries. This cancer has been decreased with the disappearance of the commensal stomach bacterium, which has been blamed to be the cause for gastric cancer. This is actually good news, but here comes the bad news right away: ...

20. Feb 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

Analysis of the microbiome of patients with autoimmune diseases such as MS, type I diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis has shown an altered microbiome in all diseases.

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