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Good news about the microbiome

11. Feb 2019 / by Cara Koehler

In recent years, scientists and laymen alike have been turning to the microbiome with renewed interest to explore its interaction with human disease. Now, gut microbiota are even rearing their heads in popular entertainment.

21. Jan 2019 / by Lisa Keilhofer

Dirt is Good. That is the title of a book by Rob Knight and Dr. Jack Gilbert published in summer 2018. Dr. Gilbert is one of the world’s leading microbiome scientists at University of Chicago.

07. Jan 2019 / by Lisa Keilhofer

In mid-November 2018, the German-French TV channel ARTE broadcasted a documentary called “The Intelligent Stomach – Our Second Brain”.

20. Dec 2018 / by Cara Koehler

Science has already made huge progress in understanding the workings (and failings) of human gut microbiota, but in the past decade, researchers are coming up for air and finding that there is as much to explore right on the surface of our bodies as there is on the inside.

12. Dec 2018 / by Lisa Keilhofer

The November edition of the science magazine “Nature Biotechnology” published an evaluation of 18 microbiome experts on the state of the art of microbiome research, where they shed some light on current trends, chances and problems.

22. Aug 2018 / by Kristin Neumann
Yoba yogurt contains the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus yoba 2012. This bacterial strain originates from the famous probiotic Lactobacillus strain L. rhamnosus GG, world's best characterized and best known probiotic bacterial strain.

13. Aug 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

MyMicrobiome is chairman and reports on the first microbiome-cosmetics-expert seminar hosted by ICADA, the European Cosmetics Association.

07. Aug 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

Serving Food for Thought: the world‘s largest citizen science microbiome project.

Scientists at the University of California San Diego and collaborators have initiated the American Gut Project, a crowdsourced, global citizen science effort over 5 years ago. Now in May 2018 they published the first results.

16. Jun 2018 / by Kristin Neumann

Seed is a new company with strong names behind it. Their products are based on scientific evidence from clinical trials. The special thing about the products of Seed is that it isn’t just probiotics but synbiotics, which is a combination of probiotics and prebiotics which keep the helpful bacteria alive.

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