Immune System

Our Immune System and the microbiome

If the immune system lacks the bacterial coaches, we get allergies.
If the immune system lacks the bacterial coaches, we get allergies.

The microbiome has one very important mission in our body: to train our immune system. Many autoimmune diseases are the result of a disturbance to the adaptive immune system. Since autoimmune diseases like type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or asthma are increasing, some speculate that changes in the body’s environment could be to blame. Environmental factors like unbalanced diets, the widespread use of antibiotics and other social factors like caesarean birth, the omnipresence of disinfectants, or fewer siblings have reduced the diversity of our microbiome. The result is a dysbiosis, an imbalance of the microbial communities on and in our bodies, thus our immune system trainers’ loss of control. Our immune system doesn´t know how to distinguish the good from the bad cells and begins to attack our own body, expressed through autoimmune diseases or allergies.

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