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Allergies and your gut

Allergies and your gut

A psychotherapist in NY who started the website/blog Allergies and your gut in 2013 because she knew that a balanced gut microbiome keeps the body and mind healthy.

Gut microbiota for health

Gut microbiota for health

Public information service from European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility. You can always find interesting microbiome news here!

Mostly Microbes

Mostly microbes

A blog about the microbiome by Anne M. Estes, PhD. Anne is a research biologist and science writer. She started Mostly Microbes as a reputable, scientific voice.

The microbial menagerie

The microbial menagerie

A blog about bacteria and how microbiology affects our lives. Written by Jennifer Tsang, PhD in Microbiology, science editor and freelance science writer.

KC Microbiome Communications Group

KC Microbiome Communications Group

KC is an agency that offers communications services specifically related to the microbiome, probiotics/prebiotics, microbial therapeutics, and medical microbiology.

Mikrobenzirkus (DE)


Ein Blog über Bakterien und von Susanne Thiele, Mikrobiologin und Biochemikerin. Seit 2007 vermittelt sie wissenschaftliche Themen an die breite Öffentlichkeit.

Microbe Minded

Microbe minded

A blog about the microbiome written by Amy Proal, PhD in microbiology and researcher of the microbiome. This site explores some of the latest research on the microbiome and related topics.

The microbiome game

The microbiome game

Gut Check: The Microbiome Game. Do you want to play with bacteria? Here´s a fun game you can learn about your microbiome!

The Human Microbiome Project

The Human Microbiome Project

More about on our site and directly on this page:

The American Microbiome institute

Link to the American Microbiome Institute

Link to the American Microbiome Institute.

Caucasus Healing

Contact for phage therapy.

The company Caucasus Healing is doing phage therapy in Tbilisi.

Museum Artis Micropia

Microbe museum in Amsterdam

The world´s first and only museum of microbes, worth a trip to Amsterdam.


Video #1

NPS Interview with Prof. David Relman

NPS Interview with Prof. David Relman, Prof. of Medicine, Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University.

Video #2

The Human Microbiome Video

Find out more about your microbiome in just five minutes!

Video #3

Video from Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin

… or if you don't have five minutes, here's one with just four minutes.

Video #4

Watch which food is good for your microbiome!

Watch which food is good for your microbiome.

Video #5

Latest interview Martin J. Blaser

Latest interview Martin J. Blaser, Author of Missing microbes (10/17)

Video #6

Interview with Maria Dominguez-Bello

Latest interview with Maria Dominguez-Bello (10/17), who searches for our lost bacteria in indigenous people.

Video #7

Interview of Bill Gates with Ed Yong

Interview of Bill Gates with Ed Yong, author of the book “I contain multitudes”.


Article #1

No guts, no glory

No Guts, No Glory: Reviewing How Microbiome Research is Changing Medicine

Great summary of the microbiome research!

Article #2

Scientific articles about the Human Microbiome Project

Scientific articles about the Human Microbiome Project:

Article #1
Article #2
Article #3

Article #3

NY-Times article about microbes

The Importance of Infants’ Exposure to Micro-Organisms. NY-Times article about microbes in our very first steps in life

Article #4

Article about fecal transplants

Fecal transplants move into the mainstream to treat difficult infection. STAT article about fecal transplants: For the first time, an influential medical group, the Infectious Diseases Society of America is recommending the procedure.


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