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‘Microbiome-friendly’ – What does this label mean in cosmetics?

What makes a product microbiome-friendly? How do we know if it is really safe for our microbiome or if it’s just good marketing?

DSM launches bio-sourced 1.3 propanediol with ‘microbiome-friendly’ certification

Royal DSM is commercialising a bio-sourced 1.3 propanediol (PDO) that it developed with French biochemical specialist Metex and has obtained a microbiome-friendly certification for the ingredient.

The evolution of microbiome skincare

MyMicrobiome: a microbiome education platform headed by microbiologist Dr Kristin Neumann. Her team have developed a quality standard for microbiome friendly skin care products and cosmetics.

Codex Earns “Microbiome Friendly” Seal

Codex Beauty says its skin care line Bia has achieved "microbiome-friendly certification" according to MyMicrobiome Standard.

Skincare Can Be Certified Cruelty-Free, Vegan And Organic. Now, A New Certifier Validates It’s Microbiome-Friendly, Too.

In 2018, the German microbiologist Dr. Kristin Neumann launched MyMicrobiome with marketing specialist Tanja Walbrunn as a check against unsubstantiated claims.

Codex Beauty Announces Microbiome-friendly Certification of Bia Skincare Line

Codex Beauty, a global clean beauty skincare company, announced that its skincare line, Bia, has achieved Microbiome-friendly certification.

Dr. Kristin Neumann, Skinchakra
MyMicrobiome Standard - detailed information

Dr. Kristin Neumann, the lovely cofounder of this program has consented to write a guest blog post and explain more about this program and the importance of considering skin microbiome in formulating modern skin care.

Microbiome-friendly certification
What the hell is "Microbiome-friendly" certification?

In this world of certifications there is one that I find reasonable and I would go for it if I were a manufacturer myself and that is: "Microbiome-friendly" certification.

Dr. Elsa Jungman Becomes the First US Microbiome-Friendly Certified Skincare Line

Last week, Dr. Elsa Jungman became the first US skincare brand to be deemed as Microbiome-Friendly, by MyMicrobiome (MMB), the only independent certifier in the world concentrating on the impact of beauty products on the microbiome.

Your skin microbiome, what you should know, what you can do

MyMicrobiome is an industry association that was recently created by Kristin Neumann, PhD, a professional microbiologist from Germany. MyMicrobiome wants to inform the public about the microbiome, a topic that is more important to our health than we might have thought.

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