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The frei öl® Shaping Oil was classified as Microbiome friendly and receives the grade 1.2

The frei öl® Shaping Oil
The frei öl® Shaping Oil is the first product in the world that has been certified as Microbiome friendly.

Product description according to manufacturer:

Frei öl® Shaping Oil – for a firmer silhouette. The activating frei öl® Shaping Oil is a special oil composition with highly effective ingredients and natural oils that are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles. Used regularly, your skin will be firmer and smoother, effectively reducing cellulite and firming problem areas like your belly, legs, bottom, and upper arms. More about: www.freioel.de

Test Description:

The MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10 assesses cosmetic and skin care products that come in contact with the skin or mucous membranes, with regard to their influence on the microbiome located there.

An intact skin microbiome has a fundamental influence on skin health. Products that are supposed to be skin friendly must therefore also be Microbiome friendly so as not to unbalance the skin of the user.

The MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10 Seal assesses the influence of cosmetic and personal care products on the microbial representatives of a particular skin or mucosal area. The human microbiome is very individual from person to person. Each area, however, houses a characteristic composition of bacteria, viruses and fungi - the so-called core microbiome. The test examines the microbes typical of each skin area, providing a standardized procedure.

Different aspects are examined:

1. The microbial quality of the product.

2. The influence of the product on the natural, healthy skin balance.

3. The influence of the product on the bacterial diversity of the specific body region.

4. The influence of the product on the growth behavior of the microbes of the specific body region.


Petri dishes with Propionibacterium acnes
Growth of Propionibacterium acnes

Test results:

In the tests, the frei öl® Shaping Oil performed very well.

In the skin balance test, the product showed a slight positive shift towards the bacterium Staphylococcus epidermidis which is beneficial to a healthy skin. The product was tested on the germ spectrum of dry skin areas and did not interfere with either growth or variety of the respective germs in any of the tests. There was only a slight reduction in the number of bacteria with the product when tested for indirect product contact.

The results are rated with grades from 1 (one) to 3 (three). If positive effects or no negative influence by the tested product on the above-mentioned aspects are shown in the examinations, the grade 1 will be awarded. If only a very weak negative influence is detectable in the tests, the grade 2 is awarded and, if the influence is clearly negative, the product receives the grade 3. The product has passed the test up to the mark of 2.0.

Grades stand for:

1 = Microbiome friendly, 2 = Microbiome neutral, 3 = Microbiome damaging.

Test results frei öl® Shaping Oil:

TEST Grade
Microbiological quality 1
Balance of the skin microbiome 1
Diversity of the corresponding skin microbiome 1
Skin product contact directly 1
Skin product contact indirectly 2
TOTAL Grade 1,2

Information about the product tested:

Manufacturer: Apotheker Walter Bouhon GmbH, Walter-Bouhon-Strasse 4, 90427 Nuremberg

Name of the product (s) and product class:
frei öl® Shaping Oil, 2 bottles LotNr .: 4025/1 710 44 711 and 4025/3 71044711

Product class: Dry skin

Test Date / Period: 25.03.2019 - 16.04.2019

Test number: 1810-110.310

Test result: 1.2

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