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14. Oct, 2019

Putting your body through the stress of taking an airplane, as well as eating unknown foods, the change in water, climate and time zone, … – all can produce unwanted effects in the stomach. Dr Dmitry Alexeev reveals few principles to follow to help your existing microbes thrive whilst on holiday.

by Gastautor

21. Aug, 2019

The vaginal microbiota is one of the best studied female microbial niches. This women’s specific microbiota is characterized by low bacterial diversity, unlike other more complex niches such as the gut. This low bacterial diversity in the vagina is linked to health.

by Gastautor Mariya Petrova

30. Jul, 2019

Long life through the microbiome? If you are not new to the world of the microbiome, this will be of no surprise to you: Mechanisms specific to ageing also can be influenced by the microbiome, and most likely this includes diet-microbiota-host interactions.

by Inge Lindseth

18. Jul, 2019
We are just starting to understand the role of our skin microbiome and we know that human skin microbiota influence general skin health. The skin microbiota plays important parts.
by Gastautor Johanna Gillbro, PhD

13. Mar, 2019

An expert interview with Dr. Ing. Tewodros Debebe on the subject of microbes. More about his favorite microbes, what they are good for and how long these microbes already exist.

by Gastautor

28. Jan, 2019

Phrases such as "You are what you eat" or "The human body is home for more than twice as many microorganisms than body cells" are often used when you read about the microbiome.

by Gastautor

02. Oct, 2018

On September 13, 2018, the BAV Institute and the European Cosmetic Association ICADA organized the first expert seminar on microbiome cosmetics in Germany, MyMicrobiome (Dr. Neumann) moderated and reported on the seminar.

by Kristin Neumann

29. Jun, 2018

Scientific Summary Microbiome Discovery and Development Congress June, Berlin. We heard a lot of interesting talks on the status of microbiome development in different research fields which I´d like to summarize for you here. One main topic was the fecal microbiota transplantation …

by Kristin Neumann

12. Jun, 2018

In May 2017 the Wallen-Russell’s published a review article about the skins microbiome. In this review they summarized publications which are related to skin health and the skins microbiome. They came to the conclusion, that the higher the diversity of the skins microbiome is, the healthier is the skin.

by Kristin Neumann

10. Apr, 2018
Cath is coming from the skin research area, being an expert on skin health. During the last years her research focussed on the skins microbiome. With her company SkinBioTherapeutics, Cath translated her research from the University of Manchester into the SkinBiotix® platform.
by Kristin Neumann

04. Apr, 2018

Microbiome science is very fresh and scientists all over the world try to understand how we can manipulate our microbiome in the best way for our health. Something I found very interesting was a totally different approach to the understanding of the microbiome by the Biophysicist Olaf Larsen, ...

by Kristin Neumann

31. Mar, 2018

In 2012 researchers did a study that had a puzzling outcome. Two of the groups of mice in the study were given a diet that had the same composition of fat, …

by Inge Lindseth
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