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For our private parts goes – as for most other body parts – less is more regarding care products. All products that have to be applied, should have passed our tests to ensure the highly complex system of your vaginal microbiome will not be impaired.

First, let us have a look at the composition of the vaginal microbiome. It is not the same throughout the entire lifetime of a woman. Baby’s and infant’s vaginal microbiomes resemble their gut microbiomes. In the course of the years and towards puberty, we encounter an increasing prevalence of Lactobacillus bacteria in the vagina. This increase is supportive for a possible conception. Lactobacillus bacteria are able to metabolize carbohydrates and sugar into lactic acids. These set the pH level unfavorable for pathogenic bacteria and therefore prevent infections.

Intrauterine infections are among the most common reasons for miscarriage and premature births. Often, the unwanted invaders enter the female body over vagina and cervix to colonize the placenta. The embryonal environment alters in terms of microbiome and pH value with negative effects for the unborn child. The tragic consequences are miscarriage, deformations, or premature birth, among others. An intact vaginal microbiome is therefore an important prerequisite of a successful pregnancy.

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A highly complex system

Also, impacts like smoking, sexual activity, the intake of hormones, increasing age, genetics, and even ethnicity influence the vaginal microbiome in terms of composition and diversity. The number of Escherichia coli and Candida species, for example, varies significantly between users of diaphragm and contraceptive pill. The vaginal microbiome is a highly complex system and its functionality is subject to a number of factors that we are often influencing dramatically without even knowing.

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The fluctuating hormone balance also affects the composition of the microbiome. (Pic.: © Africa Studio –

Important conclusions for successful therapies

The most important conclusion is the same that goes for practically every microbiome-related action: it is best to keep the impact as low as possible. However, in the course of a woman’s life there might every once in a while, occur a situation where applications are required. Sticking to products that have undergone and passed our strict tests ensures that the application does not affect the pH value and we guarantee you that your microbiome will not be impaired.

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