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Our foot microbiome – or better, our toe web space – has to deal with probably the greatest restrictions in comparison to other body parts. Evolution has built humans to walk barefoot, but since a few thousand years (which is a short time, evolutionary speaking), we force our feet and all organisms dwelling on them into more or less tight and airproof footwear. Mechanical impairments like blisters or cornea set unfavorable conditions and especially in winter, the constant warm and humid environment fosters the colonization of our toe web space with undesirable guests, especially fungi populations.


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Typical strains of bacteria and fungi

Foot fungus and diabetic foot are among the most diagnosed foot diseases and the result of an impaired foot microbiome.

Foot microbiome
In comparison to other body parts, our foot microbiome is dominated by bacteria, some viruses and practically no fungi. (Picture: © New Africa -

So, in order to fight off these diseases it is a good idea to improve the conditions and encourage the colonization and preservation of an intact foot microbiome.

In comparison to other body parts, our foot microbiome is dominated by bacteria, some viruses and practically no fungi (or better eukaryotes). The bacteria of an intact foot microbiome are to more than 50% corynebacterial. The second half is comprised of staphylococci and a few micrococci. The few existing fungi belong to the Malassezia species.

A healthy foot microbiome shows an even colonization of the epidermis, but also of perspiratory glands, sebaceous glands, and hair roots. A correct colonization is important, as non or wrong colonized body parts give way to pathogenic germs.

Products holding the Microbiome-friendly seal make sure your natural foot microbiome is not impaired by the application and help avoid microbiome-related foot disease.

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