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Biophile™ proves fermentation to be microbiome-friendly

Fermented materials as a key component in skin-care products.
The US American brand Biophile™ uses fermented materials as a key component in skin-care products.

Today, we would like to tell you about an interesting approach in skin-care. The US American brand Biophile™ uses fermented materials as a key component in skin-care products. And we are pleased to confirm that their first two tested products can be certified microbiome-friendly.

Fermentation and the microbiome are a duo that is not unknown. When searching for gut friendly nutrition recommendations you cannot get around fermented foods, such as pickled cabbage, yogurt, kombucha or kefir. If you want to treat your gut, you are always advised to opt for fermented foods.

So, it was clear that using fermented broths (or BioticBroths™, as Biophile™ calls it) for your skincare would not be a far-fetched idea. On the contrary, fermented products have not been a large part of many traditional skincare methods and it continues to be a technique not too common outside of Asia, so we were curious to find out about the Biophile™ products.

What does fermentation do for your skin?

Biophile Biotic Broth™ – How about some fermented broth for your skin?

During the process of fermentation, micro-organisms “digest” material and transform it chemically. This transformation includes making materials more easily absorbed to our bodies and increasing its activity. Moreover, the nutritional by-products produced by micro-organisms (post-biotics) including enzymes, vitamins, organic acids and polysaccharides, nourish the body, gut flora and create new flavors for food. In the history of humanity, we see fermentation as a tool to make foods more nutritious and tastier and for increased preservation. This goes for the treatment of food before consumption, but also after consumption. If we have a look at our gut microbiome, we can find many of these microorganisms help us break down food into digestible units.

Biophile™ uses fermentation to create their proprietary Biotic Broth technology. These are made by combining key probiotic bacteria with botanicals, fungi and superfoods in a unique fermentation process resulting in a nutrient-dense broth that nourishes the skin and optimally the skin microbiome. This Biotic Broth is the base for biophile products which is then combined with even more sophisticated actives and ingredients that promise to make your skin look healthier, smoother and more radiant within days, by working with the natural biology of the skin.

The two products bio shroom rejuvenating serum and bio barrier nourishing oil received the microbiome-friendly certification with very good grades. So, from our point of view, these products are highly recommendable.

Click here for the detailed test result: 1. Bio shroom rejuvenating serum, 2. Bio barrier nourishing oil

The faces behind the brand

The founders of biophile™: Grace Fooden (left) and Alison Cutlan (right)

In telling you about the products of Biophile Skin, we not only want to point out the microbiome-friendliness of their products, but also refer to another phenomenon and that is the sparkling US indie beauty market. If you follow our news articles, you will find that it is often the smaller brands and ever so often to US ladies (together with a few dedicated US gentlemen, of course) that really put a lot of personal commitment and passion into developing microbiome-friendly products.

The driving force behind Biophile Skincare is Alison Cutlan and Grace Fooden, the two founders of the brand. Alison Cutlan is a biologist by training and industry expert in green chemistry and clean, bio-based innovations in beauty. Through a unique approach that combines artistry with scientific rigor, Alison has built a reputation for developing innovative and award-winning natural products for global and smaller indie brands alike. 

Working out of the biophile™ Lab in Gowanus, Brooklyn, Alison set out to create a new generation of skincare made with the power of micro-organisms to promote life and wellness for the skin and microbiome. She develops each biophile™ formula using advanced sustainable practices like biofermentation and cold processing production producing highly concentrated, fresh, biological formulas that are clean and biome friendly.

Building a team, Grace and Alison complement each other and result in a strong unit that is navigating the beauty market with determination and profound science. Located in Brooklyn, NY, and Los Angeles, CA, their daily mission is to create products that foster your skin and preserve the environment.

We believe that if you are working with living organisms as microbes and their impact on human skin, you can hardly get around the bigger picture and the impact of humans on the earth. So, it is only logical to provide products that are rooted in science and build with sustainable means. An access that should be obvious to all brands, but is so hard to find.

Alison Cutlan - a true biophile at heart
A true biophile at heart, Alison is on a mission to use the power of biology and biodesign to create sustainable products that harmonize us with nature.

Grace Fooden is an African American businesswoman with over three decades of experience as a merchant, general manager and brand innovator.  A graduate of the Parsons School of Design’s Fashion/Apparel Design program, Grace is a creative problem solver with an invaluable combination of business and design instincts

Grace’s segue into beauty began when she met Alison Cutlan through a mutual friend, who raved about a line of products that Alison had been working on. Sensing her friend’s unbridled enthusiasm, Grace’s merchant instincts kicked in immediately. She had already begun her own personal journey into exploring the conscious beauty space and knew that Alison was on the verge of creating something special. One year later, the pair launched biophile™ to a glowing reception at Indie Beauty Expo, where the Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum was named “Best Face Serum.”

Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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