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by Lisa Keilhofer
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Many people are only now becoming aware of how important our microbiome is for our health. In times of the current corona pandemic, it is therefore essential that there are products that do not destroy our little companions. These articles will inform you why this is the case:

Virus infections - Your microbiome protects you! + Impacts of a damage to the microbiome


ELSI’s Let’s Start Over Serum Tested Microbiome-friendly with Grade 1.1

Let's Start Over Serum
Let’s Start Over Serum is the very first product in the whole enormous market in the USA that is labelled Microbiome-friendly.

We’re delighted to introduce you to our latest product line that has joined the Microbiome-friendly family: ELSI. Our team tested the Let’s Start Over Serum and it was awarded with the Microbiome-friendly seal with an excellent overall grade of 1.1, meaning the product does virtually not interfere with your microbiome - this is pretty astonishing for a cosmetic product.

Who or what is ELSI?

The story behind ELSI is pretty stunning, too, so we would like to tell you more about the wonderful Elsa Jungmann, PhD (read the whole story on the ELSI homepage: ELSI Homepage)

Elsa Jungmann suffered from toxic shock syndrome when she was 18, losing layers of skin of all parts of her body, reacting extremely sensitive to products of all kinds. She was literally forced to make herself become an expert on ingredients and their effect on the skin. Making a virtue of necessity, young Elsa managed to develop a positive attitude towards the issue and even picked up studies in the subject. She indulged further and further in the matter and ended up doing her PhD in Skin Pharmacology.

Being a mentor for start ups or a consultant for companies, Elsa always had the human skin and its compatibility with various substances in mind. So, if there is an expert on the matter, it is her. Developing her own skincare line was the only logical consequence and she is running that business with great success.

The first Microbiome-friendly skincare line in the US

In fact, ELSI is a forerunner in skincare. Let’s Start Over Serum is the very first product in the whole enormous market in the USA that is labelled Microbiome-friendly. This certification adds a truly unique selling point to ELSI and we are happy to spread the word that conscious consumers and patients of skin impairments finally have a product they can safely turn to.

Please visit the ELSI website for further details on this exciting business and for purchasing this excellent product: ELSI Homepage.

You can find the complete test result here: Let's Start Over Serum - Elsi Beauty

Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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