Screen your microbiome for free - in Germany!
2018-01-10 19:32
by Kristin Neumann
  Last edited: 2018-02-20 11:48

Screen your microbiome for free - in Germany!

Screen your microbiome now!

The Center for Metagenomics (CeMet) cooperates with the University Hospital of Tuebingen to run a study which investigates the gut microbiome of 10.000 volunteers, the Tübiom Projekt. For this study you have to live in Germany and have a valid Email-address. All you have to do is register, order your kit and fill in a questionnaire for the study. Take your chance now to find out more about the bacteria in your gut!

Kristin Neumann, Autor
Kristin Neumann, PhD

Hello, I am a microbiologist by profession. I studied (molecular) biology because I was always curious about how life functions...

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