The World´s First Pimplebar
2017-12-14 09:47
by Kristin Neumann
  Last edited: 2018-02-20 11:48

The World´s First Pimplebar: Antwerp powered by Yun Probiotherapy

In Wiegstraat 16, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium the World´s first pimplebar has opened in October 2017. Here you can get treated with the products of Yun Probiotherapy or just take them home. Yun Probiotherapy sells skin care products that contain live bacteria and stimulate the growth of good bacteria. In the Puistenbar you can talk to the scientists, inform yourself about your microbiome, have a healthy drink at the bar or watch a pimple porn! Drop by!

Kristin Neumann, Autor
Kristin Neumann, PhD

Hello, I am a microbiologist by profession. I studied (molecular) biology because I was always curious about how life functions...

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