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The human skin microbiome is very individual, from person to person and even more from body zone to body zone (eg forehead and forearm). Furthermore, the skin microbiome is less well researched than the intestinal microbiome. However, there are bacteria that occur on every human skin. These account for the majority of the microbiome, the so-called core microbiome.

Our way of life and our hygiene habits have a strong influence on the diversity of the microbiome. Shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, mouthwashes, hand sanitizers and even cosmetics contain antimicrobial agents! These active ingredients include triclosan, silver, aluminum salts, chlorine compounds, alcohols, phenols, hydrogen peroxide and many naturally antimicrobial fruit extracts, such as grape seed extract! In addition to the deliberately introduced antimicrobial agents, most products contain preservatives that are intended to keep the product free of microbial contaminants. To finally get clarity on which products are well tolerated by our skin microbiome, we have developed a test. The following products have successfully passed our "MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10".


Our seal creates trust! Our tests are based on the latest scientific findings - for a Microbiome friendly world!

11. May, 2019

The frei öl® Shaping Oil was classified as microbiome-friendly. The product has successfully passed the test with a grade of 1.2.

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