by Lisa Keilhofer

Codex Beauty now officially Microbiome-friendly

Codex Beauty Bia Series

We are delighted to present you another label that successfully passed the Microbiome-friendly tests and was awarded our seal: Codex Beauty. The brand stands for selected ingredients, sustainable packing, plant-based preservatives, and a high environmental consciousness. And when a company like Codex Beauty calls these its goals, it means it. It is not the usual trend bashing for pure marketing reasons, but a code of honor.

The face behind the brand

Barbara Paldus
Barbara Paldus - Founder of Codex Beauty

Founder and driving force behind Codex Beauty is the incredible Barbara Paldus. When you get to know her, you will see why her products fulfill all requirements to achieve the Microbiome-friendly seal, because Paldus is one innovative, fearless, compassionate woman. Before we introduce you to the actual products, we would like to tell you about the face behind the brand. Born into a family of academics, Barbara Paldus was brought up to be curious, enduring, and perfectionist. Her mother was a doctor, her father is an emeritus mathematics and chemistry professor at University of Waterloo, Canada. Her parents would have loved to see her as a concert pianist, but she turned out to do a PhD in electrical engineering at renowned Stanford University and went on to complete a double major in mathematics and electrical engineering at University of Waterloo in Canada, where her father once taught. After her academic education, Paldus started off a career in biotechnology.

Not only the product matters, but all aspects around it

How does a biotechnologist get to the Beauty industry? As often, it was the search for something that apparently does not exist and has to be invented. In Paldus’ case, it was the search for a baby cream for her son (now 11 years old), who reacted extremely sensitive to anything the market had to offer. On her many business trips, Paldus brought home and tried countless brands without finding the right one – until she found Bia Beauty in Cork, Ireland. The very first cream her son did not react to, because Bia was made of only natural ingredients.

Codex Beauty was officially launched when Paldus acquired Bia Beauty. Back then, founder Tracy Ryan used to gather the herbs herself and by hand in Ireland’s nature – an approach that Paldus liked, generally, but optimized, as she found a way to replicate the ingredients by biotechnical processes. This leaves nature intact and goes along even better with Paldus’ goal of sustainability. And, of course, the founder of Bia Beauty, Tracy Ryan, was welcomed to the team of Codex Beauty, too, and is today managing director of Codex Beauty Europe. Because also the social component matters to Paldus.

But above all, Codex Beauty does not put profit first as many other brands do. She never understood, how big traders in some cases are not willing to spend as little as 30 cents of a 70-Dollar-product to ensure costumer health and eco-friendliness. This approach looks good on the Bia products. One more example: the cosmetic tubes the cremes come in, are not made of conventional oil-based plastic, but from a substitute that is based on sugarcane-ethanol. The production extracts more greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere than it actually emits. This means not only less waste, but even active climate help (>>> read more). But that is just one more detail of the perfectionist Barbara Paldus.

And this is what you get

To sum it all up, the Codex Beauty products are not just cremes, but a mixture of loving pieces of artwork and meticulous science. All preservatives are completely free of chemistry and exclusively on plant basis. The same goes for all other ingredients. Codex Beauty purchases its ingredients locally and pays attention to the standards of sustainability.

Besides the Bia products, Codex Beauty is working on a product line called Antü, based on ingredients from the rough nature of Patagonia, and another line called Saga based on algae from the Arctic. Further details are a secret, as the patents are still pending, but we are already very curious about the launch.

We also would like to invite all our customers to visit the Codex Beauty homepage. You will hardly ever find it so much fun to browse an internet site. Also here, you can see how a dedicated team with highest ambitions planned into the tiniest detail. This is the link to the Codex Beauty team: Team Codex Beauty.

And of course, once you are there, don’t forget to try a few of the Microbiome-friendly products. Enjoy!


Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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