by Lisa Keilhofer

House of GRŌ™ – First CBD products certified Microbiome-friendly

Let us introduce you to one more interesting product that we had the pleasure to certify microbiome-friendly, lately. We are talking about the brand of House of GRŌ, an US-American indie beauty brand that is working with formulas based on CBD and chaga. The seal was awarded to the After Dark Serum and WOKE.

House of GRŌ™ is founded and run by the siblings Irina Gottesman and her brother Sam Kandhorov. Born in Tajikistan, Irina started off her career in the fashion industry, before she focused on her passion for wellness and holistic health. Her brother Sam holds a Master in Chinese Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist, so he complements Irina very well.

Irina Gottesman and her brother Sam Kandhorov
Irina Gottesman and her brother Sam Kandhorov

The “secret ingredients” of their beauty products are CBD and chaga. CBD (or Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with soothing effects at internal and external application. Antioxidants reduce skin stress and foster regeneration. The immune-response is stimulated and skin rejuvenation supported. Hand-gathered from sustainable agriculture with responsible production techniques, House of GRŌ takes its high standards from the top level to the bottom line, a fact that we find worth mentioning to you.

Even more interesting is the inclusion of chaga in their formulas. It was Irina’s great grandmother who taught her about the effects of the mushroom back in Tajikistan, so chaga is really a matter close to Irina’s heart. Chaga is a parasitic fugus found on birch and other trees in cold, elevated climates—historically in Russia, Korea, Eastern and Northern Europe, but also in the Northern areas of the United States.

House of GRŌ™ harvests its chaga in Northern Maine forests. The harvest itself has to be done literally “by hand”, as the fungus is found upwards of 30’ above the forest floor and the “conchs” must be carefully extracted from each birch tree by hand, typically over many cold nights in the fall and winter, what makes the conditions more difficult and the product more precious.

The chaga mushroom is grown for 15 years before the first harvest. It takes further 3-5 years for a chaga mushroom to regrow, so sustainable, responsible practices are not a choice, but an obligation to keep the production ongoing.

Chaga is said to slow down the visible impacts of aging by eliminating free radicals, fighting oxidative stress, and reducing inflammation. Containing a high share of melanin, chaga improves UV protection. Collagen-aiding properties, superoxide dismutase and a unique form of botulinic acid are further ingredients. Chaga mushroom comes with an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory effect, and we were really curious to find out about the impact of chaga on the skin, because anti-bacterial often equals not microbiome-friendly.

Both the hemp, and the mushroom are hand-gathered in the US, ensuring short ways and high-quality standards, as well as sustainability. This is a detail that really impressed us and that we would like to draw your attention to. As often, it is the smaller brands that walk the extra mile that makes the difference.

We hereby can confirm that cosmetic products containing CBD and Chaga can be microbiome-friendly despite their strong activity. Two products that contain CBD and Chaga, After Dark Serum and Woke are now certified microbiome-friendly. Now we are looking forward to the next products from House of GRŌ, always happy to assist on their mission to create microbiome-friendly products.

Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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