by Lisa Keilhofer

Attention! This article is obsolete. There is already an updated report: Gut Microbiome Test Kits 2022

We did it again! MyMicrobiome compares Microbiome test kits

It sounds like quite an imposition and – frankly speaking – that’s what it is, somehow. The mere fact of sending parts of your excrements by mail, is kind of irritating. And every once in a while, during the evaluation, you ask yourself if you are seriously about to compare ways of collecting feces samples and squeezing them into a tiny testing tube. But see, that’s what we do for you. And as our >>> first evaluation (2018) of microbiome test kits was received very well, we decided to start the thing all over again. The discipline is pretty young and constantly evolving, so our first evaluation might be outdated, already. But let’s have a look at it step by step.

How did we come up with the idea?

If you deal a lot with the microbiome and its importance, you sooner or later come across the question, what your personal microbiome might look like. This is our experience and we guess that goes for you, as well. Our gut microbiome is in interrelation with the rest of our body. Exciting correlations about the gut-skin axis prove that a healthy human needs a healthy gut to start with. And analyzing the gut is the obvious way to find out in what condition the gut is.

Being able to let one’s feces have analyzed is a pretty new offer on the market for private persons. It is since a few years only that people with or without complaints can have an analysis outside of hospitals. All providers claim that the analysis does not replace seeing a doctor in case of any complaints and that the test kit is a mere lifestyle product. Still, we consider it a good way to start off when you want to explore your “inner values”.

Can you trust the providers?

Yes. In a nutshell, we can conclude that there is not one product that we can not recommend. All are serious providers and offer profound work. The difference lies in the detail. Some products score with being particularly user friendly, also for clients not home in the digital world. Others comes with personal consultancy and the some with especially profound scientific methods.

That is why we would like to invite you to have a look at the brands we tested and decide for yourself. Curious? >>> Click to get the overview page.

You can choose from these products (listed in alphabetic order)

Atlas Biomed. The British company was already part of our first evaluation and did well back then, as well. One negative aspect is the comparatively high price and the actual collecting of stool is pretty complicated for the client. But the underlying databases are profound and the evaluation very detailed. Clients who are overwhelmed by the complexity can turn to a personal consultancy, what is always a great advantage.

BIOMES. The Biotech company from Berlin was the winner of our 2018 evaluation round and delivered a strong performance this year, too. Price and handling are OK, the databases average, the results are presented understandably. Unfortunately, no personal consultancy is available. It was very tight race for the first place with myBioma.

Elsavie. The label from Estonia belongs to the TFTAK group and is in the microbiome testing business since 2012, already, what means a great deal of expertise. What appealed positively to us is an in-depth questionnaire that is seeking to grasp the personal circumstances of the clients. Unfortunately, the presentation of the results could be improved, recommendations for nutrition are not existent – an important argument against the choice of a provider for laypersons.

myBioma. Our new test winner. The start-up from Austria is pretty young, but highly motivated. The underlying databases outperform the competitors’, the results are structured well and the presentation in the app is very up to date. Also, the many recommendations and information of symptoms along with personal consultancy, is rated very positively.

VIOME. The US-American brand offers its service for a very low price (varying, however). However, the low price is relativized as the customer has to pay for shipping her- or himself. The webpage is available in English only, limiting itself to English-speaking customers. The method of analysis is above average. VIOME is using metatranscriptome analysis as the only provider we tested, delivering results down to strain level and therefore outperforming all competitors scientifically speaking.

Please find the overall evaluation here: >>> Gut Microbiome Test Kits 2020

Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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