by Marina Becker

P.Happi – Taking care of Women’s Intimate Health

P.Happi® Intimate Serum B.Y.M Technologies Ltd.

Many women know firsthand, how debilitating UTIs can be to daily life. Like many innovative products, P.Happi was born out of personal experiences and the need to find relief from frustrating pain. After struggling with reoccurring UTIs for many years, Dr. Chiara Board, founder of P.Happi, set out to develop microbiota-based solutions to support and empower women in regards to their intimate health.

The result was the P.Happi Intimate Serum. Without using additives, it focusses on topically supplying bacteria to the female intimate area. The patented live bacterium B.Y.M.® 1405 boosts the “good” bacteria in the vaginal microbiome which keep the “bad” ones in check and enable a balanced microbiome.  

We are happy to announce that P.Happi® Intimate Serum passed our tests with flying colors by scoring 1.0 in every category and is thereby awarded our “Microbiome-friendly” quality seal.

Marina Becker
Marina Becker
Holistic Health and Life Coach / Editor

Marina Becker studied communications and psychology in Munich. As a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach she supports people who struggle with their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by providing a holistic and personalized approach to healing and transformation.

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