by Lisa Keilhofer

The new B2B website “” now live

The “Microbiome-friendly” quality seal has successfully entered the US-market and is now proceeding to the European market. Up until today, more than 250 products can call themselves “Microbiome-friendly”. The B2B website was now launched in German and English to specifically inform cosmetic producers about the certification.

Here they can find anything about the “Microbiome-friendly” certification:

  • What are the advantages of the “Microbiome-friendly” certification?
  • What does the certification process look like?
  • Which test standards are there?
  • What are the test criteria?
  • Which certification marks can I use?

By directing producers and customers to different webpages, MyMicrobiome wants to focus on the main interests of each group.
The well-known info platform still provides interested laypersons with scientifically profound information around the human microbiome:

  • What is my microbiome?
  • What do I need an intact microbiome for?
  • How can I protect my microbiome?
  • What is new in the world of science and research?

From the start and through today, the founders of MyMicrobiome aimed for independent information accessible for free. Furthermore, they wanted to explain scientific content to people without scientific background, but backed up by literature, in case someone wanted to investigate further.
MyMicrobiome created the information platform in 2018 and developed the world's first and independent certification for Microbiome-friendly products, the "Microbiome-friendly" quality seal, in 2019, spearheaded by the co-founder Dr. Kristin Neumann.

Lisa Keilhofer
Lisa Keilhofer

Lisa Keilhofer studied at the University of Regensburg. She works in internationalization and as a freelance editor.

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