Bacillus lysate
Delavie Sciences

Bacillus lysate

Date of certification: 03.05.2023
State: Valid
Product description according to manufacturer:

Bacillus Lysate was developed based on research projects undertaken aboard the International Space Station. Delavie Sciences’ patented microorganism spent 18 months outside the International Space Station, exposed to the extreme conditions of space. Once brought back down to earth, Delavie scientists found that the organism had developed enhanced age defying and UV protection properties. That organism became the basis for Bacillus Lysate, a revolutionary cosmetic ingredient that can only be found in Delavie skincare products.

Bacillus Lysate is proven to:

•  Stimulate Sirtuin1 activity, in a similar capacity to resveratrol
•  Increase hyaluronic acid production, restoring moisture
•  Sequester UVA-induced free radicals, reducing damage

Delavie Sciences

The results are evaluated with grades from 1 (one) to 3 (three).
If the product shows no or positive influence to the above-mentioned aspects, a grade of 1 is awarded respectively.
If only a very weak negative influence can be detected in the tests, the grade 2 is awarded and in case of a clearly negative influence, the product receives the grade 3.

The product has passed up to grade 2.0.



Balance of the skin microbiome


Diversity of the corresponding skin microbiome (x2)


Skin-product contact direct (x2)


Skin-product contact indirect


Overall grade


The MyMicrobiome Standard evaluates cosmetic and personal care products, that encounter the skin or mucous membrane, in terms of their influence on the microbiome located at a specific body site.

An intact skin microbiome has a fundamental influence on skin health. Products which are to be skin-friendly must also be Microbiome-friendly in order not to unbalance the skin of the user.

The MyMicrobiome Standard evaluates the influence of cosmetic and personal care products on the microbial key players of a specific skin or mucous membrane area. The human microbiome is very individual from person to person.

Each area, however, harbors a characteristic composition of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The test examines the products influence on the key organisms typical for each skin area and thus offers a standardized procedure.

Here you can find an overview of our testing standards: MyMicrobiome Standard

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