Microbiome-friendly Standards
For a Microbiome-friendly world!

Our standards for a Microbiome-friendly world!

Since the invention of soap, already 3000 B.C. in Egypt, we have been doing everything to destroy the little fellow inhabitants on our skin: the bacteria, fungi and viruses (collectively called microbes, their genes: microbiome) which keep us and our skin healthy.

This will change now, very slowly indeed, but the process is in progress and can no longer be stopped. This is a paradigm shift that will completely change the western lifestyle. The paradigm shift we are talking about is the way we think about our health: it is a holistic approach that takes into account our whole body and soul and lately even those little companions that live with us.

The cosmetics industry is already working at full speed

Although hardly anyone has ever heard of the "microbiome", the cosmetics industry is already working very intensively on this topic. Numerous so-called 'biome/microbiome-friendly/gentle/..." products are already flooding the cosmetics market without any control authority behind them.

Trust is good, CONTROL IS BETTER!

When it comes to products/cosmetics for the microbiome, we are dependent on trusting the manufacturer.

In addition, most conventional products still have an intentional or unintentional antibacterial effect and thus damage our skin microbiome. We are often not aware of how many products contain antibacterial agents! Above all deodorants, but also creams, lipsticks, soaps, toothpastes, mouthwashes etc.!

As of now it is over!

The world's first and only microbiome test finally provides clarity!

We do not want to leave you, the health-conscious consumer, alone with this. That is why we have developed the world's first standards for microbiome-friendly products, which examine cosmetic and skin care products and test their influence on the microbiome. Once the product has passed the test, it may carry the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of approval.

With our standards we bring clarity to this confusing market.

Microbiome-friendly Gütesiegel

Our sign creates trust!
Our tests are based on the latest scientific findings.

Since every person has a very individual skin microbiome, which has a different microbial composition even on different skin areas (face, buttocks, arms, back, ...), it was very complicated to develop a standardized test. But in the end we decided to consider the 80-90% of microbes that are most common in each skin area and to test the influence of the product on these typical key microbes of each skin area. Depending on where the product is used, we decide together with the manufacturer which skin area should be tested. For each skin area we have a separate set of microbes to test on.


An overview of our standards

MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 18.10 certifies all products that have an influence on our skin of face and body.

MyMicrobiome Standard 19.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 19.10 certifies all products that have an influence on our scalp.

MyMicrobiome Standard 20.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 20.10 certifies all products that have an influence on the infant skin.

MyMicrobiome Standard 21.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 21.10 certifies all products that have an influence on our private parts.

MyMicrobiome Standard 22.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 22.10 certifies all products that have an influence on our foot microbiota.

MyMicrobiome Standard 23.10

The MyMicrobiome Standard 23.10 certifies all products that have an influence on our oral microbiota.

What conclusions can be drawn from our tests?

Our test examines various aspects of influence, a product has on the tested skin microbiome:

Is the product free from contamination, e.g. germs or fungi not supposed to be in the product?

Are bacteria specific to the area of the body the product will be in use at able to grow unharmed?

Is the variety of the microbiome preserved in the presence of the product?

Is the skin balance disturbed by the product because of the suppression of protecting bacteria and the fostering of harmful bacteria?

The product receives marks from 1-3 in all tests, the product has passed with an overall mark of 2.0. If possible, we give the manufacturer tips on how to make his product microbiome-friendly.

In summary, the product must not have a negative influence on the known microbes of the skin microbiome.


The "Microbiome-friendly" seal of quality

If the product has passed the test and is thus classified as microbiome-friendly, we give manufacturers the opportunity to use the "Microbiome-friendly" seal of approval.

An overview of all Microbiome-friendly certified products:

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