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For a better, Microbiome-friendly world!

MyMicrobiome Vision

Our vision / mission

Our vision is a better, Microbiome-friendly world!
That is why we support individuals and companies on their way towards a Microbiome-friendly world.

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love microbes

Your microbiome - as unique as you

Each of us is like a planet of its own and is hosting trillions of “inhabitants.” All of them have a very important function and are essential for our health. Thus, we want to create awareness of our little friends, to see them not as our enemies, but as our friends.

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Latest Microbiome-friendly certified products

Microbiome News

Microbiome News

We are the website you may not pass if you want to know scientific facts about your microbiome. We summarize the important information and illuminate the microbiome topic from all angles. Read more microbiome-related topics in our news archive.

Microbiome friendly certified

Microbiome-friendly certified

MyMicrobiome is an independent control body that rigorously tests products for the impact on the skin’s microbiome. All test results are published in our online database.

Microbiome-friendly online database

The team behind MyMicrobiome

MyMicrobiome Team
MyMicrobiome - Young, committed and enthusiastic

MyMicrobiome is a young and committed team of mostly female scientists and microbiome enthusiasts. Our mission is to spread the knowledge about a healthy, unharmed microbiome and to serve as a decision-making tool for customers – for a better, Microbiome-friendly world.

MyMicrobiome Team
The Microbiome Research Team

MyMicrobiome was founded in 2018, the cornerstone for the certification institute. Only three years later, in 2021, the increasing demand for certifications and microbiome expertise resulted in the R&D spin-off MyMicrobiome GmbH in Germany, with its own laboratories.

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