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15 Apr 2019
by Lisa Keilhofer 0
2019-04-15 13:47
by Lisa Keilhofer
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It’s a new stunning insight that the gut microbiome settles more and more „bad" bacteria with increasing age and, for example, encourage cardiovascular diseases.

2019-04-15 13:47
by Lisa Keilhofer
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08 Apr 2019
by Tanja Walbrunn 0
2019-04-08 10:41
by Tanja Walbrunn
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The microbiome is the new big thing in cosmetics and pharma industry. That’s good news, because unlike many so-called megatrends, the matter microbiome is not just a marketing gag but a serious, science-based matter.
2019-04-08 10:41
by Tanja Walbrunn
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13 Mar 2019
by Gastautor Fabian Geyer 0
2019-03-13 09:14
by Gastautor Fabian Geyer
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An expert interview with Dr. Ing. Tewodros Debebe on the subject of microbes. More about his favorite microbes, what they are good for and how long these microbes already exist.

2019-03-13 09:14
by Gastautor Fabian Geyer
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Humanity is just a speck in
the massively bacterial world.
We need to get used to that idea."

"Given that fact, it shouldn’t surprise us that microbes occupy most of us as well.
Seventy to ninety percent of all cells in the human body are bacterial,
representing perhaps 10,000 different species. Genetically we get even less real
estate: 99 percent of the unique genes in our bodies are bacterial. This population
of over 100 trillion microorganisms makes up our microbiome: a collection of
microbial communities that has evolved along with homo sapiens to help orchestrate
basic life processes, beginning the moment we’re born."
Ashton Applewhite, Autor beim American Museum of Natural History >> Mehr dazu

A very nice video (from NPR:
which explains your microbiome in just 5 minutes. Enjoy!

The next time you look in a mirror, think about this: In many ways you're more microbe than human. There are 10 times more cells from microorganisms
like bacteria and fungi in and on our bodies than there are human cells …"

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The microbiome topic affects us all. When it comes to our health, we should know what is going on in our bodies. The subject microbiome has not arrived in the general public yet. MyMicrobiome wants to inform the public about a topic that is more important to our health than we might have thought.
MyMicrobiome provides comprehensive information on the microbiome topic:

  • What are bacteria, what is the microbiome, what does it do in my body?
  • What effects does a damaged microbiome have on my health and well-being? What role do antibiotics play?
  • We offer suggestions for solutions to restore and maintain the microbiome.
  • MyMicrobiome keeps you up to date with providing information and latest research on the microbiome.
  • MyMicrobiome offers discussion platforms for interested and scientists.

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